The Sweet Spot


Turn prospective clients into satisfied customers. Learn business strategies and decorating techniques as you build your skills and a compelling cake portfolio.

Create irresistible display cakes, sharpen your business-savvy skills and discover enticing new decorating techniques with cake designer Pearl. Learn smart strategies for bringing more prospective clients through the door and displaying cakes that will make their eyes light up. Get professional tips for pricing your cakes. Create designs that exceed your clients’ expectations, not their budgets. Easily produce a simple, yet elegant pattern of perfectly spaced Swiss dots. Build complexity with a trendy tier that’s textured like birch bark and topped with beautiful sugar flowers. Receive step-by-step guidance for making a show-stopping chandelier cake. Grow your business by instilling confidence and excitement in every prospective client.

Lesson plan

Lesson 1. Introduction to Display Cakes

  • Meet your instructor, cake designer Pearl, as she previews the great decorating tips and business takeaways you’ll receive in this class. Then, get started working with foam cake dummies as Pearl shows you how to cover them in fondant and discusses why they’re important for getting clients in the door.


Lesson 2. Planning Your Portfolio

  • Gather Pearl’s expert tips on planning your portfolio. Learn how to research your market and create a diverse portfolio that will appeal to your local client base. Then, try your hand at Pearl’s simple technique for creating an elegant Swiss dot pattern for a versatile addition to your favorite cake designs.


Lesson 3. Staying on Trend

  • Add a trendy technique to your decorating toolkit with Pearl’s unique method for making birch bark — perfect for that rustic, chic cake your clients keep asking about! You’ll also get advice for staying on trend and more ideas for adding modern designs to your portfolio.


Lesson 4. Reaching a Higher Price Point

  • Learn how to appeal to a range of clients with techniques that help your designs reach a higher price point. Pearl takes you step by step through the process of making her signature sugar flower — an elegant embellishment that will take your cakes to the next level in both visual appeal and retail value.


Lesson 5. Show-Stopper Cakes

  • Create cakes that truly wow and are guaranteed to get clients in the door! Pearl reveals the structural secrets behind her show-stopping chandelier cake, which hangs upside down from either the ceiling or a stand. She also demonstrates important techniques, such as how to cover the suspended cakes in fondant and stack them within the structure.


Lesson 6. Finishing Your Show-Stopper Cake

  • Finish your show-stopping cake with elegant embellishments and learn how to cut and serve a cake that’s hanging upside down. Pearl also covers additional considerations for presenting this style of cake, which require important research on the part of the decorator.


Lesson 7. Pricing & Promotion

  • Bring your creative business training full circle as Pearl shares her secrets for pricing the various “tiers” of her portfolio. She also offers professional tips for promoting your beautiful work. A perfect portfolio is only as effective as the potential clients who see it!


What materials are used in this class?


  • Cake dummies
  • Fondant
  • Shortening
  • Large and small rolling pins
  • Cornstarch
  • Craft knife
  • Pizza cutter
  • Fondant smoother
  • White chocolate
  • A complete list of project-specific supplies such as fondant, gum paste, cutters and other tools is in the class materials


Frequently asked questions

  • When does the class start?

Whenever you’re ready! The lessons are available online any time, and your access to the class never expires.

  • How long is this class available to me?

As long as you need! Your access never expires, so you can come back again and again.

  • What if I have questions?

Ask your questions in our online classroom and you’ll receive instructor feedback. Your fellow students are also likely to jump in and offer advice from their experiences.

  • I run my small cake business out of my home and don’t have a cake shop. Will this class help me?

Absolutely! Whether you’re showcasing your cakes in the shop window or at your kitchen table, you’ll want beautiful display cakes to wow clients with your skills!