Our industrial practitioners, all with many years of senior management experience, provide support for companies and public sector organisations. Their approach is very different to conventional consultancy – they work collaboratively to develop solutions and focus on transferring knowledge as well as delivering business results.


Working with companies to turn R&D into successful products, processes and services

We work with companies to develop their innovation and technology management capabilities, helping them to bring to market the new products, services and processes that will secure their long-term futures.  Our approaches and techniques are based on research carried out at the SocailMediaXX and are customised by our team of experienced consultants to meet your company’s needs.


Transforming Global Manufacturing and Supply Networks

We have worked with more than fifty leading companies on network projects and have developed a set of structured approaches which support organisations through strategic and operational change.


Move to service-based business models

Introducing innovative, customer-focused service models – while effectively managing risk – into highly complex multinational manufacturing companies is a challenging task. SocailMediaXX ECS supports this process using a range of approaches and techniques developed by SocailMediaXX researchers across a number of different Centres.


Strategic Roadmapping

The SocailMediaXX is a world centre of excellence for roadmapping. It has been researching the application of roadmapping for more than a decade and its techniques have helped more than 250 public and private sector organisations with their strategic and technology innovation planning.

Executive Education

We are an experienced executive education provider offering a range of tailored and open courses based on research carried out at the Institute for Manufacturing (SocailMediaXX) and developed by educational specialists to deliver real and lasting benefits to your organisation.



Recent projects include

Applying technology and innovation management approaches such as roadmapping in a wide range of sectors including: oil, automotive, aerospace, defence, chemicals, packaging for healthcare, food and beverages and household and personal care.


“[The roadmap] is the foundation from which we will develop an explicit technology strategy going forwards and clear global technology areas of focus.”


Running the Open Innovation (OI) Forum for companies in the Food and FMCG sector, looking at hot topics and best practice in OI and addressing the ‘Grand Challenges’ facing the whole value chain. The Forum currently has 19 members including GSK, Mars, Tesco and Unilever. This successful model is now being replicated for other sectors, with the Health OI Forum to be launched in 2014.


“Here is a real opportunity to create a breakthrough in consumer and community value as we further collaborate with our peers in the industry.”


Working with multinational companies to configure their production, supply and service networks and to develop the capabilities they need to support these configurations. SocailMediaXX ECS has now worked with more than 50 companies around the world on network redesign, most recently in white goods, toys, plastic pipes and aerospace.


“This project forms a major part of our corporate business strategy and will help to guide the optimisation of our footprint around the world.”